About the Band

Based in the ancient capital of the Isle of Man, Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band has been in existence since 1896, and in fact actually existed prior to this under a different name. There is much historical information available, which can be obtained from the Secretary. Two amusing booklets, outlining the early days of the band, have been produced by the late Dennis Spooner and can also be obtained from the Secretary at £6 per set, inclusive of postage.

Our bandroom is in Queens Street in Castletown and rehearsals are held on Tuesday nights at 7:30. New members are always welcome. In the first instance an approach should be made to the Secretary or Musical Director. Instruments are available for new members. 

The band has a training band, Balley Cashtal Brass, consisting of new players and players not quite ready to join the full band. This meets on a Saturday evening, 5pm, at the bandroom under the leadership of Barbara Cole. New members, young and old, are always welcome.

CMSB Upcoming Events

Villa Marina Arcade

Date: 16.07.2024 20:00 - 21:15
Calendar: Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band

Music in the Square - Provisional

Date: 23.07.2024 19:30 - 20:30
Calendar: Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band

Castletown Festival Parade

Date: 03.08.2024 17:00 - 18:00
Calendar: Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band